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Want to leave a family legacy? Want to honor or  

remember a loved one? Want to honor a military veteran?   

Want to remember a special occasion?

Brick Order Form and Brick Images


For a tax deductible donation, an inscription of your choosing will be engraved on a 4 inch by 8 inch brick to be placed in RLC’s new Memorial Plaza. The plaza will be the location of many worship services, social gatherings and other special events throughout the years to come.  Proceeds from the sale of bricks will be used to fund the construction and upkeep of the plaza.

  The minimum donation per brick is $50. A brick may be engraved with up to three lines of personalized text.  For an additional $10, you may add from a choice of select images.  There are several guidelines that will be followed in the engraving of all bricks:

  Each line may contain up to 18 characters. A letter or a space counts as one character. You may put a punctuation mark (a period, quotation mark, or xclamation point, for example) inside the box with a character. Punctuation marks do not count as a character.

  • The first letter of each key word will be capitalized. The remaining letters will be lower case.
  •  Each word on a line must be a complete word. Words will not be hyphenated and continued on the next line.
  • All text will be centered unless otherwise requested.  
  • All dates will be expressed numerically, such as 5/2/2005. Two dates will be connected with a dash, such as 2000 – 2010. Use the symbol “&,” not the word “and.”

 You may purchase as many bricks as you wish (click on order form and brick images links above to print order forms); use additional forms if needed.  Please return completed forms with payment to the church.  Orders will be accepted on the patio before services on Saturday and between services on Sunday from October 31 through December 13.  You may also turn your order in to the office.  You will receive a proof of copy of your inscription for approval before it is engraved into the brick. 

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