Welcome! We are looking forward to sharing with you this journey of faith as you prepare for Confirmation. Preparing for your confirmation will involve learning, sharing, serving, growing spiritually and fun! You will be given the opportunity to learn more about your faith and what it means to follow Jesus Christ. 

Confirmation perfects Baptismal grace. During the confirmation process, the church partners with parents to help them fulfill the promises made at baptism. Students learn the basics of faith and have an opportunity to ask questions and discuss faith with peers and adults.  It is an opportunity for you to confirm that faith you received in baptism. It is meant to root us more deeply as children of God and to help us affirm our Christian faith. It is a spiritual rite that marks the passage from childhood to youth. 

We will discuss life's big questions and what it means to believe in God. Confirmation is a time where you choose to enlighten your own understanding and commitment to your Christian faith. At the day of confirmation, before the congregation, family and friends, you will publicly proclaim your faith.


Leaders:  Janitzy Spencer - 

                 Pat O’Connor -


 Confirmation/Head to the Heart Overview

  • Goal – Parents are the primary incubators of faith in their kid’s lives and the church serves as a reinforcement and a resource to help both the child and the family
  • Philosophy – Teach the foundation of Lutheran faith and
  • Curriculum Resources – The Bible, Luther’s Small Catechism, and Faith Inkubators
  • System – uses the power of the small and large group settings to build a network of care at church and at home as the context for learning.

  Monthly Overview of the H2H System

  • Theme Events (Two Sundays a month)

All age groups together for a presentation by the Confirmation leaders (see rotation schedule for topics).


 Volunteers (parents) supplement and enliven the events with participation in a variety of activities (skits, video clips, art and other “Creative Interruptions”)


  • The Huddle (One Sunday a month)- small same gender group time (care, share, join in prayer). Then a return to the whole group for a blessing and close to the event.
  • Servant Events (One Sunday every month)

These are events that are planned by H2H leaders for the entire group (like the Operation Christmas Child) OR events that individual small groups undertake such as an offsite service event (think Christmas Caroling or working at a homeless shelter, etc.) These would be planned well in advance of when they take place and would take the place of the “12 service hours.”

  • Fellowship Events (One Sunday every month)

These are events that are planned by H2H leaders for the entire group OR events that individual small groups participate in together.


Faith 5 – A simple nightly ritual based on the understanding that the primary responsibility for the faith formation of the child lies in the hands of the parents.

  • Share your highs and lows.
  • Read a Bible verse or story.
  • Talk about how the Bible reading could relate to your highs and lows.
  • Pray for one another’s highs and lows.
  • Bless one another.


H2H Worksheets

  • It provides the framework for parents and kids to use the Faith 5 Home Huddle system.  We ask that parents sign the sheet nightly and the kids turn in on Sunday morning. 

 Volunteers Needed to make H2H happen

  • Guides for Huddle – Parents. Lead small group care, share and prayer times. Attend and coordinate small group service events when they happen and also small group fellowship events. Stay with the group during each theme event.

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